Hydraulic Fittings Tray

Hydraulic Fittings Tray

Code Ref: HYD-02

The hydraulic fittings tray consists of a number of hydraulic fittings suitable for the following  manufacturers brakes - Avid, Magura, Shimano, Tektro, Hayes and Formula. The tray has been  developed to offer a cost effective way of replacing and maintaining hydraulic hose, please  note refills for the tray are available in bags of 10 pcs. 

Contents Qty
HFK-16 (Plastic cover) x 8
HFK-24 (Olive - Shimano) x 10
HFK-18 (Gland Nut - Formula) x 10
HFK-27 (Olive - Avid) x 10
HFK-21 (Gland Nut - Magura) x 10
HFK-67 (Needle - Tektro) x 10
HFK-06 (Gland Nut - Shimano) x 10
HFK-05 (Oil Seal) x 10
HFK-26 (Gland Nut - Avid) x 10
HFK-20 (Needle - Formula) x 10
HFK-29 (Gland Nut - Tektro/Hayes) x 10
HFK-23 (Needle - Magura) x 10
HFK-31 (Shim) x 10
HFK-25 (Needle - Shimano) x 10
HFK-19 (Olive - Formula) x 10
HFK-28 (Needle - Avid) x 10
HFK-22 (Olive - Magura) x 10
HFK-66 (Olive - Tektro) x 10

Product Information

Bike Compatibility : MTB, Hybrid

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