Code Ref: VX851

Organic VX Pads are specifically designed to give the best performance under normal conditions. The organic compound gives improved noise reduction as well as increased ‘bite’.

Shimano XTR, Deore XT, SLX, Saint, Zee, M810-M820, Zee, M640
Clarks - M4 manufactured from August 2022 onwards (Serial nos. F2022/08/01

For Clarks M4 manufactured from November 2021 to July 2022 (Serial nos. F2021/11/01 to F2022/07/31) - VX/VRX868C

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Available in packs of 25 (VX851-DP)

Compatible With;

  • Clarks M4
  • Shimano Deore XT
  • Shimano XTR
  • Shimano SLX
  • Shimano Saint
  • Shimano New Saint M810
  • Shimano New Saint M820
  • Shimano New Saint M640
  • Shimano New Saint Zee
  • Shimano Zee

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