Brake Disc Pads

E-Bike Disc Pads

The E-VRS disc brake pads have a high carbon content for E-bike disc brakes. The pad compound is specifically suitable for E-bikes, having high brass/iron content for powerful braking performance. Packaged in bike sets of 2 pairs and clips.

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Disc Pads

Clarks disc pads have been engineered for every style of riding in all conditions. Our range is comprehensive, compatible with all the major manufacturers’ current and older braking systems. We offer the rider three types of pad compounds. All demonstrate unrivalled stopping power and longevity. Springs and split pins are included with every pad set, where applicable.

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Finned Disc Pads

Clarks finned disc brake pad carriers feature a unique design that helps to transfer heat build-up in the disc pad backing plate into the Fins, this significantly increases heat dissipation, reducing brake pad surface temperature by up to 50 degrees. By lowering the pad temperature the rider benefits from increased power, increased performance and modulation without loss of performance through the brakes fading due to overheating.

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