Clarks focus on the OEM marketplace throughout 2020 and 2021, has delivered a successful programme of expansion and in turn accelerated company growth. The success of the OEM sales team in the UK, Europe, Taiwan and China is built upon a JIT programme which delivers quality products, efficiently and at speed (despite the problems caused by the pandemic), allowing Clarks to forge partnerships with over 300 cycle brands across the globe. Clarks are now proud to supply hydraulic and mechanical disc brake systems to some of the biggest brands within the cycle industry.

Clarks OEM expansion has in turn raised the profile of the brand as a premium brake manufacturer within the trade marketplace as well as within the minds of the consumer.  In order to capitalise on this improved brand awareness and to support growing aftermarket sales channels, Clarks have added to their range of brake systems as well as expanding manufacture. A combination which makes sure that a constant supply of product is available to existing and new distributors across the globe.


Always looking to take advantage of new trends and opportunities within the market place and in a response to the predicted increase in E-bike growth, Clarks have significantly expanded their range of hydraulic brake sets.

The M4 4 piston hydraulic disc brake, Clarks most powerful hydraulic brake system to date, provides powerful modulated braking which is required to deal with the increased forces generated by e-bikes and downhill riders. It features a new slimline design, 4 x 16mm self adjusting pistons per calliper and a 2 finger lever with reach adjustment. Available to the aftermarket in a 180mm front and 160mm configuration, the M4 retails at $149.99 (US) per bike set.

In addition Clarks has introduced the e-Clout. Specifically designed for electric bikes, it has all the benefits of the popular Clout brake system but with two key improvements: 2 x 22mm calliper pistons for greater stopping power and longer reach four finger brake levers. Together these features provide the rider with greater leverage and better braking control. For additional stopping performance the e-Clout is supplied with semi-metallic pads as standard, and is available with 180mm and 203mm front rotor configurations.

For riders who may prefer the simplicity of a mechanical disc brake, but still require the extra stopping power required for an e-bike, Clarks have introduced the CMD-24. Complementing their already comprehensive range of mechanical disc brake sets, the CMD-24 is a heavy duty brake calliper with a wider pad which delivers greater braking efficiency than the smaller disc brake pads used on most mechanical brake callipers. The set is supplied in 180mm front and 160mm rear configurations and is supplied as standard with semi-metallic disc pads.

These three brake sets are supported by a range of E-bike specific brake pads, introduced to support the more popular disc brake systems that are fitted to E-bikes. The Clarks range of E-bike brake pads uses a formula that combines a high carbon content, for efficient heat dissipation, with a high brass and iron content, which delivers reliable and powerful braking.

Further product developments to the Clarks existing hydraulic brake range include the introduction of the Clout plus, Clout Junior and M2 Junior. The Clout Plus is similar to the E-clout, offering a larger calliper piston and extended reach brake lever which combine to provide the rider with improved stopping power over a standard Clout 1 brake set. The Clout Junior and M2 Junior models have the same proven features as their ‘Senior’ counterparts, but with the addition of a shorter reach lever. These two new junior models allow Clarks to make the benefits of hydraulic braking available to riders with a smaller reach, including younger riders, who may find a standard lever too difficult to control.

Outside of brake sets, Clarks have introduced a new range of Centre Lock rotors all manufactured from aluminium 6061T6, they are supplied with Quick Release or Thru Axle locking rings and available in sizes 160mm, 180mm and 203mm.


A specialist manufacturer of disc brake systems, service and workshop parts, Clarks will be exhibiting at Eurobike 2022. Please make your way to Hall 9.1, booth no. D29, where you can see their extensive range of products, new hydraulic brake systems and receive a very warm welcome.

Clarks are always looking to expand their sales team  any sales agent interested please contact Tony Wright: email address