Brake Caliper Pads


Clarks Elite range of pads are specifically designed for road bicycles. Featuring lightweight carriers that are precision CNC engineered, combined with non-abrasive brake compounds that will perform in all conditions and on all performance engineered braking surfaces without creating any damage. Pad carrier designs are compatible with all current brake systems as well as some of the older manufacturers that are less common in the current marketplace. All pads use non-abrasive compounds that will not damage wheel rims, as well as specialist compounds for performance braking surfaces such as carbon and ceramic rims.

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Specifically designed for purpose, the Clarks range of MTB/hybrid pads and cartridges will ‘wipe’ dirt from the rim whilst delivering top performance braking power and consistency. Using CNC machined carriers combined with lightweight materials our brake pads will compliment all of the top manufacturers braking systems whilst providing great stopping power. Clarks range of MTB/hybrid pads use compounds that will give consistent high performing braking whilst not damaging rims. Brake pads are compatible with all V-Brake/Cantilever brake systems.

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